Delta Airlines Bereavement Fares

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Bereavement is the policy offered by delta airlines to passengers where they have travel at the last minute due to death or imminent death in the family. The policy offer people traveling to an international destination. Delta airlines offer the service for customer ease and make their traveling flexible at the emergency. Travelers can also explore itinerary at the last minute booking which is required. This is beneficial for passengers to grab the best offers at the time of emergency. Bereavement fare policy is to make customers hassle-free traveling to their home town without breaking the bank account. The situation of death in the family can arise anytime and this creates upside down to life. It is the situation when you have to arrive at the family immediately but it gets more complicated when airline tickets shake pocket. But with the use of Bereavement fare policy passengers can easily book tickets at the lowest price.

When you choose delta airlines bereavement fare policy then it offers within seven days of death. Simultaneously, you should also be a member of the miles program for qualifying the policy. Today you can also opt for domestic bereavement fare with immediate family member death. It is for helping the mutual customer with special offers for traveling at the last minute. Delta airlines want to make their passenger happy and satisfied with the service. If you have any query related to the policy call at the +1-800 518-9233 and get details. The policy is meant for traveler help and makes them feel relax during an emergency.

Eligibility required for the grabbing Bereavement policy

While opts the bereavement policy you have to follow some guidelines and also consisted of eligibility. The policy is valid for the miles member which needs to travel for an immediate family emergency. If the customer is not currently a member of miles then they can easily immediately join the membership.

The policy also required proper documentation

With the use of proper documentation, you can easily purchase the discounted bereavement fares without any hassle. These documents act as proof for delta airlines.

  • Firstly, you have to show the relationship of yours with the deceased
  • Even you have to also provide documents such as phone number and name of the funeral home or hospital with doctor name.

Customers booking the tickets with Bereavement should possess the prior seven days of traveling. It is due to the verification of the documents submit by passengers.

A traveler visiting the international destination for an emergency you should directly contact with delta international bereavement fare program.

Emergency has occurred within the domestic destination then passengers should contact with the delta Medical emergency fare program.

We know that experience loss is a bad feeling but stress gets increases with flight expenses. With the opt of delta airline bereavement policy you can easily book tickets at low cost.

Bereavement is the cheap option for travelling

Moreover, bereavement fares are discounted and usually allow the passenger to travel with a pocket-friendly budget. The fare applies to the full-fare prices and unrestricted to save money at the time of emergency. It is the best option for assisting mourning passengers and feels them relax while booking tickets. Delta airlines offer the service so that travelers can easily and immediately reach their family member. More importantly, the passenger also has to qualify for eligibility and grab the ticket. You can also explore that the price of the bereavement fare varies and are subject to availability. The policy also offers some flexibility by publishing fare on the passenger route.

History about the bereavement policy

The policy was founded in the 21st century by US airlines and at that time it breaks the record of the booking. The airlines began to cut-rate at tickets which is avail to passengers while flying to the destination for the funeral of the family member. The airline also wants to save money of passengers at checked baggage, fees while changing a flight, onboard meals, and many more. This way delta Airlines wants to offer travelers the best service at affordable prices.

Delta airlines bereavement policy

Delta airlines offer the best bereavement fares and also allow to uses the policy with miles frequent flyers program. With miles option, customers can easily gain more miles and save them future traveling. If you are taking bereavement fare for children then it can cost according to the adult fare if the fare is less than the regular child fare. Besides, this first infant child does not need to purchase tickets. Simultaneously, the second child has to book tickets as it said as an older child. In the bereavement fare, policy delta airlines allow only two infants per adult. When you delta airlines for booking bereavement fare then it can be booked using the phone number. For domestic and international both have a different number. This makes the booking process easy and simple without too much stress.

Benefits of using the Bereavement fare policy

  • The policy is avail for both international and domestic emergencies. This way, passengers can easily visit the place and attend the funeral of the family member.
  • With the use of policy, passengers can save large money while booking the ticket. This has makes the last minute booking cheap.
  • Bereavement policy has offered additional flexibility with an itinerary which is required by travelers.
  • The process of booking bereavement fare is very simple and easy with delta airlines.


In-sum, bereavement fare policy is for passenger beneficial at the time of emergency during family member death. We all know that last-minute booking cost very expensive but with this policy, you can easily money and book tickets under the budget. But at the same time, you have to follow some guidelines while booking tickets. Delta airlines offer the service for customers to help and want to feel them relaxed during traveling as loss of loved one is a very challenging fact. It is important to make situation ease for travelers.